LuLuLun Cleansing RICH SHEET 20Sheets

LuLuLun Cleansing RICH SHEET 20Sheets




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Cleansing is “troublesome”
Cleansing is “not fun”
The cleansing of up to such now, Objection!

I mean, since the cleansing is a step in making beautiful skin.
Datte daily routine, because it should say is more fun.

In cleansing “good mood”
“Accustomed to clean” in the cleansing

Rururun cleansing, can feel every time you use
It is cleansing to create a clean.

It could be because it is a face mask brand, best * fluffy sheet

Busy time, reluctantly. I wanted to change the “common sense” of such sheet cleansing. Protagonists of cleansing sheet, we made. At best * fluffy sheet relieve the friction feeling to the skin, to skin stress zero, tightly off!

Best * fluffy sheet, skin stress zero

Bringing together the sheets of know-how that have been cultivated in a face mask! Sheet made because Rururun is the best * fluffy microfiber blend. Gently with less friction. Quickly be tired at night. The skin stress zero of the sheet, please use it as the leading role of cleansing.

The secret is a three-layer structure

A hydrophilic middle layer containing liquid, sand the surface layer of the lipophilic. Because they can be in the ultra-fine fibers, while reducing the skin damage, you can turn off wipe the makeup and dirt.

In three of the skin care ingredients, even at night tired to rough skin care!

Formulated as the only * 2 skin care ingredient derived from a microorganism of the extract to live a harsh environment similar to Mars (MARS) in Japan. The approach to the foundation * 3 to keep the moisture, and prepares the skin moist and healthy.

Weight 242 g