Clear Tan Beautiful Collaperson Honey Mask Max Mass 30 pieces

Clear Tan Beautiful Collaperson Honey Mask Max Mass 30 pieces



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Urugai Beautiful Skin Hitoshi.
Certificant sheet mask.

[Nature is a luxurious ugly feeling that is sticking to the material]

Nature that is said to be good for beautiful skin in a thick cosmetic solution based on hot spring water is carefully selected.

Car hair holes also lead to high-humble skin.

[Earth volume increase! Hithatter and adhesion. ]

Review the amount of cosmetic solution, and plenty of moisture penetrating the skin.

Collection from the clear stream and adopted a three-layer structure sheet made with a wealth of water.

[Non-domestic soft sheet adoption that incorporated hand-e-和 和 和 和]

Three-layered sheet masks that were collected by water collecting from the clear stream.
It is easy to spread with moderate firmness, pit and fit on the skin.

You can deliver a thick cosmetic solution containing plenty of sheets to the skin.
I also committed to the skin to my skin.

[Skin-friendly formulation]

Weak acid, non-coloring, no fragrance, no mineral oil, non-alcohol formulation.

[Don’t get tired of spreading the mask. Spread of mask spread by craftsmanship. ]

A shaped shape that takes an easy-to-open lid and considering ease of use. It is not easy to spread the mask, but it will be different at any time.

Weight 506 g