Akunesurabo Wosshingufomu 150ml

Akunesurabo Wosshingufomu 150ml



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【About Acne Lab】

Acne Lab Series, adult acne and adult acne also care from the base. It is an approach that pulls out the power of skin, and will be prepared for healthy bare skin.

[Joint development with skin professionals]

More than 30 years of research, based on the experience that has been facing over 40,000 skin problems, we made carefully selected ingredients on the skin.

[Approach to skin with power of plants]

Proprietary component “Japanese-Chinese plant isoflavone * 1” adjusts the skin cycle.

· Hiogi
· Dokudami ※ 2
· Kanzo ※ 2
· Yokinin ※ 3
· Bukuryu

Conventional blend of Japanese-Chinese vegetable isoflavone * 1 with structures similar to estrogen. Soft skin with unique technologies that enhance penetration * 4 soft and loose and support the power to be wet.
Produces a beautiful skin cycle that does not lose trouble.

※ 1 Hiougi Eki
※ 2 blend only by lotion / moisturizing gel
※ 3 formulated in products other than cleansing
※ 4 square layers

【Thinking to additive-low stimulation】

Baby is safe!
Synthetic perfume, coloring, paraben addition.

A large number of sensitive skin patch tests were cleared, and it was created as much as possible for babies.

(It is not that skin irritation does not occur in all people)

[Medical Wossing Form]

Skin care series that tends to be repeated adults and healthy skin with daily care.

The face wash using a weakly acidic amino acid-based cleaning component flushes and flushes with sebum, old horny and dirt with fine bubbles.

Weight 242 g